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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Very Very Interesting Fountain

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Blogger JacqueLynn said...

I Found this about the fountain, Hans Sachs(1541) wrote a series of poems called the "Bittersweet Marital Life". In 1984, Jorgen Weber took the verses and transformed them into a visual manifestation. He named it Marriage Roundabout. The locals simply call it Hans Sachs' Well.

It would be just a pretty fountain in the shape of a scallop-petal flower, were it not for the very strange sculptures atop.

The cycle of man-woman relationship is all there, from courtship to marriage and beyond. Sex and love are prevalent at first, then slovenliness and physical abuse walk in, and the end is a horrific death. The joy is brief and on the surface, while the anger and hatred are as hard and cold as the bronze material.

Here's the most melodramatic touch: interspaced among the various human emotions are pointed beak birds, prancing old goats, huge lizard heads, half-rotten carcass, and flowers in bloom. Not to mention a representation of Sachs waltzing!

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